Keep your vehicle looking amazing in the long term with Modesta - currently the most exclusive premium automotive paint, wheel and leather protection products on the market.

At Smart Pro in Cairns, we are proud to be one of the very few Modesta installers in Australia. The product is composed of a high-grade silicium, which creates a thick, glass-like layer over your vehicle's paint.

In addition to looking great, this layer serves as an incredibly strong barrier for repelling corrosion, oxidation, UV light, insects, bird droppings, as well as chemical and mechanical damage which may occur during every day washing.

Modesta will make your vehicle far easier to clean, while maintaining strong protection from the elements. The products last 5-7 years on standard cars and up to 10 years on vehicles which are regularly maintained and well looked after.

You can read more about the specific Modesta products we apply below. To find out more, or request a no-obligation quote for a paint protection service, contact us today.
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